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24/7 Call Service

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The restoration industry is hard and competitive. If someone wants to stand out from the crowd, they need to offer amazing services. Montebello 24/7 Flood Clean Up offers just that and so much more. We approach every project with the same passion as if it was our first one. Our workers always go out of their way to accomplish all tasks according to schedule, so you and your family can move back into your home as soon as possible.

Always Available
We know that disaster can strike at any time. In these situations timing is everything, and if you want to minimize the damage to your property, you will need to act quickly and call a restoration company. That is why Montebello 24/7 Flood Clean Up is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and throughout the whole year. We don’t take breaks even on holidays. We always have one team that is ready to jump on any tasks, regardless of whether it is a flooded office or a home caught on fire.

From the moment you contact us, our response team will be at your location in under 30 minutes anywhere in Los Angeles County. With our fast response times and well-trained workers, the damage will be kept to a minimum and your property will be restored to the fullest.

Advanced Equipment and Tools
The restoration industry heavily relies on specialized equipment and tools for different restoration tasks. We are fully aware of that and that is why Montebello 24/7 Flood Clean Up always looks for ways to improve current methods and incorporate new ones, just so we can constantly improve the quality of our services. Mold remediation, smoke removal, sanitation, hardwood floor remediation, and the like -- all these services would not be possible without specialized tools and equipment.

Fortunately, Montebello 24/7 Flood Clean Up has everything necessary to complete any kind of restoration job. From water extractors and industrial dryers to odor removal and sanitation chemicals, we will take care of everything from beginning to end.

Professional Workers
Our company wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for our professional and hardworking team. We hire only the best and most qualified people. Montebello 24/7 Flood Clean Up looks for only three things when hiring new people: honesty, dedication, and readiness to learn.

Honesty - We value honesty a great deal. Our number one concern is the client’s satisfaction and the best way we can accomplish that is by being completely honest with them from start to finish. Ask any question about payment, services, schedule, etc., and our employees will gladly and truthfully answer them all.

Dedication - We won’t stop until your home or offices are fully restored. Montebello 24/7 Flood Clean Up employees will work around the clock to finish all tasks on time and get you back to your normal life in the shortest time possible. We will dedicate every hour of our time to restore your property as efficiently as possible.

Readiness to learn - The restoration industry is improving constantly. There are always new methods and techniques to learn and new ways to approach certain tasks. Even though Montebello 24/7 Flood Clean Up workers are well-trained, we always teach them new skills, so they can be effective and efficient at what they do.