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When cleaning flood damage, timing is everything. You need to act quickly if you want to save as much of your property as possible. The process itself requires a lot of careful planning and experience in these types of jobs. There is no quick and easy way when it comes to flood damage cleanup. If you want it done properly, then you will need to hire a professional restoration company and Montebello 24/7 Flood Clean Up is just that.

We separate our flood damage cleanup process in five stages and each one is equally important. Some jobs might require additional services, but never less. After we are finished with all five stages, your property will be as good as new.

Stage 1: Damage assessment
First, our technicians need to evaluate how much damage has been done to your property. This step is part of every restoration process, regardless of what type of damage your property has suffered. This will help us plan the rest of the process and give you a price estimate for the whole project.

Stage 2: Water extraction
During the planning phase, our workers will already begin with the second stage and that is water extraction. It is very important to start this process as soon as possible so the damage and cost are kept to the minimum. Montebello 24/7 Flood Clean Up has special pumps that will extract water quickly and to the very last drop. Water can compromise the structural integrity of the building that is why it is important to be thorough and precise with this step.

Stage 3: Drying process
Even after all the water is extracted, the walls, floors, and ceilings will still be wet. To keep your property standing, we will need to dry out every spot in the house. Wet surfaces are unstable and they are an ideal place for bacteria and mold to form. We use industrial dryers and advanced methods to efficiently dry out all your surfaces.

Stage 4: Sanitization
The next stage is sanitization. This is very important because most properties that are affected by floods become contaminated. Water might not be contaminated at the source, but if left untreated even for 24 hours, bacteria will form on it; and the longer you wait, the worse it will become. We have a detailed page on sanitization, so feel free to visit it if you need more information about this process.

Stage 5: Restoration
After all of the above is done, we can finally start with the restoration process. Montebello 24/7 Flood Clean Up can repair walls, floors, and ceilings, install a new fire sprinkler system, repair your pipes and plumbing, to name a few. With us, there is no need to hire any other company, as we are fully capable of handling all construction and restoration tasks.